EngProcess Ltd is a company that specializes in providing engineering services to the process industry.

Our services include engineering design, project management, engineering consulting, execution of turnkey projects and maintenance service.

EngProcess is a subsidiary of InterProcess Ltd. which serves as an exclusive representative of leading suppliers of equipment and technology for the Food & Beverages and Pharmacutical industries, since 1974: www.interp.co.il.
Our customers are top industrial companies, with a well-known reputation and among the leaders of the Israeli industry. engaged in the production of products that require sophisticated and reliable equipment, with the implementation of innovative technologies and a need for fast and reliable technical support and services.

The company's activity is based on a clear vision and goals, which guide it every step of the way:
 is committed to providing a comprehensive and targeted response to each customer, providing the set of solutions required to establish and support reliable and modern production lines.

Engineering design services

EngProcess offers a variety of Engineering Design services for factories.
The company's services include P&ID and FDS writing.
In addition, EngProcess offers design of production floor to maximize efficiency and minimize losses.
The company's team of experts is skilled in writing characterization documents and equipment specifications, which help customers to choose the optimal equipment.
In addition, the design process includes the preparation of BOQ (bills of quantities) for tender, which helps to estimate the cost of the project.
To ensure a maximum understanding of the production processes, 3D simulations can be created.
EngProcess is committed to provide the highest level of engineering services.
For this purpose, we have created collaborations with the leading engineering companies from abroad, who have extensive experience and knowledge in leading projects for various process industry sectors.

Project Management

EngProcess provides project management services for factories. The company's team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to manage projects of any size and complexity, from line upgrades to large-scale constructions. EngProcess works in close cooperation with the customer to understand the needs and develop a comprehensive project plan that includes schedule, budget, and output. The team is skilled in managing all aspects of the project, including planning, procurement, construction, installation, and operation. The company has adopted three principles in project management: Safety, adherence to schedules, and keeping the budget. At EngProcess we understand that every project is unique. The teams work closely with customers to ensure their unique needs are met. EngProcess provides its customers with the highest level of service to ensure the success of each project.

Engineering consulting

EngProcess offers a wide range of engineering consulting services to optimize production. EngProcess has the knowledge and ability to provide solutions for reducing depreciation, optimizing energy facilities, increasing production output, improving the efficiency of production lines and reducing breakdown.
EngProcess works closely with the customers to understand customer needs and provide tailored recommendations. EngProcess also provides solutions for new products based on existing equipment or a recommendation for new equipment.

Turnkey projects

EngProcess offers all project phases under one roof: engineering design, supply, installation, and commissioning. A turnkey project makes it possible to relieve the client's load by coordinating numerous parties and allows the client to accept responsibility from one party coordinating the project.

EngProcess provides exceptional service and support throughout the entire project.

Maintenance services

EngProcess sees critical importance in providing preventive maintenance in order to increase the utilization of production lines and offers maintenance services for factories.
The skilled maintenance team is trained by manufacturers from abroad.
Today the team works successfully in the leading factories in the industry.
We offer a maintenance service in the following areas: pumps, gears, valves, agitators and refurbishing different types of machines.
The company's engineers provide advice on reducing breakdown failures, performing preventive maintenance, writing maintenance instructions, and a factory preventive maintenance plan.


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